a Cor▓p. forecasts China to become the Asia-Pacific leader in the field by 2018 and could surpass the United States and European Union soon."Applications for 3D printing will exte▓nd beyond just being

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    20 SEPTEMBER 2014
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    15 JANUARY 2013
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    24 OCTOMER 2014
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    15 JANUARY 2013

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pting new technologies.The medical sector has witnessed the strongest growth patterns in the A▓sia-Pacific region, while Beijing is encouraging the "compatibility and acceptance of 3D printing,"▓ according to Shanghai Daily.There's huge potential f▓or hospitals when it comes to 3D ima▓ging and printing, along with virtual reality (VR). Plus Big Data can play a crucial role▓ too.Doctors are working with companies, such as Materi▓alise, Hisense and Dassault System, to provide▓ high-quality 3D printing services and databases.Liu Jinfen, director of Shanghai Children's Medical C

enters, said the hospital performs around 100 heart surgeries annually while using 3D printing technologies.Printing out factoriesOf course, doctors need more manufacturers to make 3d printing devices

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et such r▓equirements.In July 2016, the Municipality of Chongqing in southwest China,


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ed the start of construction for a 3D printing factory, which would be the first of

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en US-based ▓Hkable biotechnology firm and local biotech co. Jintai. Plans are underw

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nstruct a state-of-the-art factory, costing US$7.5 mill▓ion, which includes 3D printi

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h firm Interna

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